Thursday, July 22, 2010


I've been sitting on the couch with my baby girl, 11 mos, watching her eat a slice of watermelon (American friends: "couch" = "sofa"). She's gnawing away with her one bottom tooth, loving the texture, the chill, the taste of that piece of fruit. Little rivers of juice stain the front of her white flannel diaper and pool on a receiving blanket. Some small pieces sneak past the blanket and she grinds them into the upholstery with her feet. I wipe them off with a baby washcloth with a little water on it. And I realize that I really love my couch. I love it because it's a solid piece of furniture and it was a free item, rescued from the side of the road. I couldn't believe what great shape it was in when my mom showed up with it- a large sofa-bed sectional in a lovely sage green. I'll never feel guilty about getting it dirty, and it's given us all such a comfy place to sit and hang with friends and family. We all fit here with room to breathe: two adults, an 11 year old, a seven year old and a baby, and often my cat. I love this couch.

I'm grateful for the clients who've brought me into their births. What an honour. I learn something new every time: something about myself, something about human strength and character, and something about how birth works.

I was at another birth last night. My darling partner/hubby/boyfriend (egads I wish we had better words to describe our significant others!) spent a sleepless night too, grabbing a few winks here and there when aforementioned 11 month old cried for her mama. He is a brilliant, supportive, fantastic, fascinating man, and I feel incredibly blessed to have him in my life.

I realize a little more each day how lucky I am to live in this place and time. I truly feel like I have freedom to do the things I want to do and be the person I want to be. I have the luxury of choice, from the mundane choice I made tonight to order in takeout, to the life altering choice of having my babies the way I want. I live in a small city with a low crime rate and an excellent quality of life, and I feel safe and secure. I have access to wonderful foods from all over the world. I have a good income. I can wear whatever I want. I am so lucky to have instant access to clean water, any time of day. I have free medical care should I need it. Wow.

Maybe I am just high on the experience of witnessing another beautiful little soul come into the world this morning, but I don't think so. Sometimes I just get overcome with wonderment and gratitude, and maybe sharing it will spread a little of that awesome feeling. So here's my little call out to the Universe: THANK YOU.

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